Thursday, November 27, 2008

Looking for Indian Mounds at Piney Z

I was so thrilled with the numbers of birds out on these lakes last Sunday that I went out again yesterday after a few hours of work, until dusk. I intended to look for mounds but this proved difficult from the water. So I went after some more woodstork photos. Look at the aerodynamics!


I set out on Piney Z lake going towards the western end which is a new trip for me. This side is usually too low and swampy to kayak up to the banks. I looked all along this side for anything which might be a mound but decided I need to get out and walk on my next trip, which I will do.
Here is a view of the roosting area on PineyZ
You can see from this photo that the egrets and woodstorks roost together. The woodstork rookery at the eastern end of Lake Lafayette is said to be the largest in north Florida.

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  1. I came across your blog via another.I just wanted to tell you your photos are fantastic!