Monday, November 03, 2008

There are lots of fritillaries out now and the swamp flowers are alive with bees. What a relief to know there are still honey bees out there! The bumble bees are easier to see, though!

I am still learning the settings on my camera and have finally figured out how to get better close ups without buying a macro lens. I'm not one to study technical descriptions of my camera but prefer to experiment which probably takes much longer in terms of the learning process.

Long tailed- skipperThere weren't too many birds out today. The cold weather seems to have driven them to warmer hangouts. Osprys aren't too common on the Wacissa.

I have been eager to take a look at the river during this transition from summer to winter. I arrived about 9am and I was alone at the headwaters. Six hours later I returned to the ramp! Here are some of my images from the day!


  1. Thanks Nina,
    There is a movement to make the osprey the state bird... here in Florida, presently!