Saturday, March 28, 2009

Suwannee Springfest

My other favorite performers were Ruth Unger Merenda, her husband Michael, and baby Will. Will has the music in his genes, or maybe something else! You'd think after three years with this camera I could get a decent picture but you get the drift!
Their brand new CD, Waltz of The Chicadee is terrific! I grabbed it from the CD table right off and it is worth every penny! These kids are fabulous musicians and entertainers. We will be hearing from them for years to come, thank goodness! Grandpa Jay Unger played in my dining room years ago, in another life!

Suwannee Springhouse...a favorite swimming hole.

Oh, oh, mommy! I gotta make a poopy!

I would have had more but the photography police stopped me. Boo boo!

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