Monday, May 11, 2009

My friends are all birds

I took off most of the day to float. It was very hot and I wore a long sleeve shirt and buttoned up the collar, along with my usual hat and long pants as well. I just don't like sunburns very much. I saw Peggy of paddletales but I don't think she saw me since she didn't say anything. We were both surprised by the kite right away and her photos are wonderful! Check them out:
I was hoping to see little green herons today as well as gallinules. The gallinules are just so colorful and make for good antic watching. The green herons have interesting fishing poses and they aren't easily spooked. I found these birds lower down the river: almost to the metal marker where the big mound is which has a cabbage palm on it. The most exciting thing was seeing river gar down there. Bbig ones! and I also came up on a humongous snapping turtle who nearly bit off my hand! Well, he looked surprised anyway and his head was less than a foot from my paddling hand on the port side and I backed away quickly I can tell you because I had recently read about someone who lost a large chunk of hand from a snapping turtle and I am very attached to my hands, thank you very much!
I also saw big mudfish and some big non mullett fish which looked like prime fishing catches. Bass I guess, if the river has them. I'm not sure at all about my river fish except mullett, gar, and mudfish. So maybe Janis can tell me what I saw since she is a great fisherwoman.
Irwin really likes swallowtail kites and he put some of my photos on his blog ; Oh, and the alligator in this post was scratching himself which I haven't seen before! Lots of scratching going on today, in general with the circus herons. Not one butterfly though. I didn't get that since it was certainly sunny and hot enough for them.....Oh, and every time I ask for a sign from Mark I get something really cool, by the way!

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