Sunday, November 29, 2009

Piney Z Lake at Dusk:Part II

I was eager to get to Piney Z lake today at dusk which means I can't have dinner with mom and dad so I begged off to go kayaking. I am beginning to figure out how to use light and to set my camera so I can get the lighting I want. But it has taken me a long time without any lessons...

I thought that egrets would be flocking on the lake on Saturday and when I arrived I was delighted to find this was the case. At dusk... egrets, woodstorks, cormorants, anhingas, and ibises fly in to roost.

A fisherman enjoys the last of the day.

I think the aerodynamics of the woodstork make for dramatic shots. they look so primitive yet modern and sleek when they take off and fly. The flapping of their wings is unique.

The foliage on PineyZ is turning now.

Goodbye to this little gem of a lake just a hop, skip, and jump from my home.

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