Saturday, December 19, 2009

Piney Z at Dusk Part III

I was so excited to have a clear afternoon to vist Piney Z Lake after all our rainy days.

Dusk on Piney Z Lake is a wonderous time for watching birds coming in to roost. It has been raining a great deal and the lakes are very full of water. The lake is also full of cormorants, eagles, osprey,woodstorks, ibises, great egrets and anhingas. I was in hog heaven!

I also saw five eagles including three juveniles but they fly so fast and the wind was blowing and the water was rough...I found it difficult to get a good image this afternoon.

Their were many osprew out today at dusk.

Somehow I always see an interesting plane when I am out on the water.

There is a woodstork rookery at the other end of Lake Lafayette. The woodstorks are now back to take advantage of their nesting habitat.

I am fascinated with the woodstork. I love to watch them take off and to hear the wooshing flap of their wings. It is spooky when it happens behind you. They can fly extraordinarily high and they look like sleek jets to me when they are taking off from a perch over the lake.


  1. Like the shots, especially the ones at dusk.

  2. Such pretty pictures. What kind of bird is the second photo of -- a hawk?

    FYI -- There is a movie about Temple Grandin coming out Feb. '10.

  3. that's a juvenile eagle, Lisa.