Saturday, December 26, 2009

Cold Saturday on The Wacissa

Winter is a good time to see holes which might be big enough for ivory bills to nest in. This hole is big enough. These holes are often near feeding sources such as the red berries that the birds like so much which ripen in December. I look for them and plant myself underneath them and take photos. The berries aren't quite ripe enough yet but the birds are checking them out. Robins seem to be the only ones that eat them slightly unripe! I saw lots of woodpeckers today but they are skittish and it was very cold and the wind was blowing on the Wacissa which make s photography challening. The Wacissa had ivory bill sightings as late as the 60's and is considered a prime spot for the possibility of a sighting. I'm still looking but with the watching over my folks need now, my trips are somewhat shorter. I may be going out again later this week but dad fell today (12/28-09) so we will see. The pileated woodpeckers like berries and they are easier to see along the river's edge where the trees hang over the water.
The ibises flock on the river in winter. Northern flicker

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