Monday, July 12, 2010

No Nestle Water! Saturday Night on The Wacissa

Saturday night felt like the right time to take a float trip so I launched at 6:30pm. There are lots of baby wood ducks, moorhens, and gallinules. I wanted to visit my two owl nestlings who are two years old now, in the channel running out of Blue Spring.

As I came down the channel one of the owls flew down to a perch directly above my head to have a look at me. I imagined they know me by now since I have followed them about for two years on the river. I wonder if this is so. The bigger one seems more tame. I couldn't spot the other one this night.

Lots of green herons are fishing now.

I colored up the bard owl since it was so dark in the channel. He might not like this.
Black crowned night herons skulked about in the side springs.

In Blue some boys were playing on the new rope spring.
Playing with color.

It was a lovely night. I ran into Janice and her husband and they took me for an airboat ride. It was a fine evening.

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