Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hiking Grand Bay WMA and Banks Lake

Banks Lake near Lakeland Georgia

Moody Air Force base is near the Grand Bay WMA. We climbed the tower and watched planes and trees and critters.

He was way down in the black gum swamp.
This is a view from the tower.
I really wanted to see the North american Pitcher plants in this swamp. It was 99 degrees but we hiked out to the tower anyway.


  1. Went fishing in that lake when I was a tot. Caught some good size bass, if my memory serves me correctly.

  2. I am going to kayak it when the weather cools down.

  3. Ok, you threatened to run into me in the woods some day. Well, I'm going on a trek out in the Chazz Swamp tomorrow, parking near Buford Spring. You know how to contact me if you and hubby want to explore one of Florida's finest swamps containing some gorgeous karst windows. Bring mask, snorkle and fins, and your 400 MB camera!

    Buford Nature

  4. Sorry I missed another day in the swamp, Buford!