Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wacissa 8/14/2010

Orb weaver spider webs were all around this morning.
Here's a sexy red legged web resident.
Several hawks were messing about together in a cypress tree near Cassidy Spring . I thought one of them was a red-tailed hawk.

But which one???? I think they are easier to identify while flying.
Lots of juvenile night herons.
Turtles and alligators shared logs.

Janice took me back to a spring I had not seen a few weeks ago. She calls it Log Spring, for the giant cypress logs which criss-cross it. I went back there again this morning.

Here's an unidentifed flyer. Looks like a red-tail to me.
An osprey snagged lunch.


  1. Great shots, that is a lot of wildife close up, or do you have a good lens? Here's a look at the drought index in your area. I was surprised to see some dry spots statewide.

  2. Hi found your blog while researching a post for tomorrow (monday 11/22/10) on Nestle and the Wacissa River. love your pictures. they remind everyone what it's all about.