Monday, January 09, 2006

College Life at University of West Florida

This is John's side of the dorm room! Oh, I bet John's gonna get me back somehow!

I delivered my son to his dorm room at University of West Florida yesterday. This is a picture of him puzzling over computer hookups with his good friend and roomate, John P from Milton, Florida.

In his first semester in the fall of 2004, he was evacuated and school was cancelled for three weeks because of Hurricane Ivan. In the spring he had a serious foot condition which detracted from his focus on studying. Actually, I think it was more that he was running the Movie Club!

Returning to college on his own terms has been an important step in Nathan's life. He made the money to pay the bills for this semester at his job in a video store last year. So, mom is not allowed to complain about his approach to his third semester as a Junior. I wish him well as a Business Managment major!

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