Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Winter Crafts

This is a poncho my friend Linda made for herself from many yarns woven together on circular needles. We got together tonight to show off our crafts, to dine on chicken and wild rice, spinache salad and warm curried fruit compote.
Wine and music topped off the midweek well!

Since I have been indoors for much of the last two weekends (I've got cabin fever) I made a small quilt for a baby coming this month. Here it is. I am also working on a blanket and have hats in my 'baby hat stash' for the next grandchild of one or another of my friends, who are mostly of a certain age that the grandchildren are starting to arrive!

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  1. Neat quilt, my two year old would love it! I found your site by following a link from Peggy's site. I hike near Lake Lafayette a lot. That CSX train is a good friend of mine :)
    Nice site!