Thursday, February 02, 2006

I got an email from Bill and Eli Perras today about their performance schedule so I checked our their website. Low and behold, they are using the photo of them I took last May at the Florida Folk Festival. I was MC-ing the Azalea Stage in the afternoon on Saturday and they came strolling by. I thought "Tie dye Mark's" guitar tee shirt looked so good on Bill and that Eli looked so cute in her hat, that I snapped this photo! Check out Mark elsewhere on this blog.

Thinking about how I got to enjoy photography so much makes me grateful once again to my parents, Marge and Bob! My mom is so creative and fearless! She taught me to knit and to sew. She did many crafts in our basement, such as decoupage and view de optique. She has flown anywhere or sailed anywhere right alongside my dad for 57 years so far.

My dad had his photography darkroom under the basement stairs when I was a child. My toy box, a beautiful pine box with my initials on the top, was across from the darkroom. Next to it the dirty clothes came down a shute from the second floor of our house! Mom would pick them up and take them to the washing machine, which was in the back of the basement along with my dad's workbench.

Whoa, I'm starting to sound like my dad reminiscing on his blog! This was supposed to be about Bill and Eli's picture. But, taking photos is fun!


  1. Very interessting, from guess who

  2. A clothes shute! We had one! (Did you throw assorted non-clothing things down it, too?) I think that requires a basement, something you don't see much of in Florida!

    Just had to comment....