Saturday, February 25, 2006

Autoharps: I love them...

Here is my favorite accompanist, Annie! My harp was of course, made by the late Mark Fackeldey, a great friend of mine and friend to the late Marty Schuman, whose grandaughter you see here. For those of you who have not heard me bragging, I am Florida Old-Time Music Champ 1999 on autoharp. I plan on competing again this year at the Sertoma Ranch in Dade City. I also expect to take sandhill crane pictures and to kayak that weekend. It is really fun.

The autoharp underneath us was recently made by Jim Lorenz for his wife. If someone made me an autoharp like this one, I'd have to marry him! Sigh.....

These rainy weekends are beginning to get old. I worked in the yard last night after work and sat in front of the fire pit until the phone beckoned me indoors. Oh, well, time to play music....Maybe tomorow will be a good day for the Wakula River. Getting up early for the carpenter to come over to redo my master bath is getting old. But it will be gorgeous!

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