Monday, March 06, 2006

Alachua County Getaway

I needed to get out of town Saturday and my favorite place to chill is with Lorrie and Rusty. These folks are such great friends and they always welcome my kamikaze visits! Lorrie is my role model for taking risks. In fact, I have a sign in my kitchen that says "What would Lorrie do?"

She is Marty Schuman's daughter and Annie's mother. Annie and Lola spent the night with Austin and we went out for night fishing on the lake behind Lorrie's. The next day we went out in the canoe and snaked back through the woods and over the fences from the lake behind her home. We went all the way back to the secret lake, which was quite an adventure.

My arms are all scratched and I will be explaining that all week, no doubt! But it was lots of fun. We saw this snake in a cypress tree sunning himself. Lorrie got very excited and wanted to get up close for a picture!.

I also saw the babies of my fish in her pond, which are now about four inches long. I met the new dogs, cats, and birds and said hello to the goat and the pot bellied pig. There is also a new Harley and I brought Lorrie a little Harley pin to wear on her chaps!

We had some good meals and went to see Kevin's new land on Sunday after our boating adventure. I got to be a swamper this weekend!

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