Sunday, March 12, 2006

Will McLean Festival

Willfest was awesome and I did get some sandhill crane pictures along with many photos of friends and festival performers! The weather was warm, the orange blossoms scented the air, and the music was resonant. Dade City is still the sweetest smelling city in Florida! Here is breakfast cooking on the stove and a sunset Saturday night.

I camped in my Flexus throw-up tent because the truck was tipped at an angle which I didn't like for sleeping. I always sleep great outdoors and this weekend was no exception but I am tired tonight from late night jams.

The lake was drawn down to water the orange groves around it so no kayaking on it this weekend. I met some new kayaking buddies and they will call when they get up this way for a trip, Peggy. I heard about lots of great places to kayak that I wouldn't have thought about, so I am looking forward to their influence.

Amy Carol Webb did a very good workshop on singing and I deviled Ernie Williams in the banjo workshop again.

Dad and I talked this morning just before they left on the bus for a cruise to the Caribbean. Dad bought a Prius, so he was real excited. He is a progressive guy and always had solar water heat in the house on Singer Island. He believes in saving the environment in some small personal way and the Prius is his attempt. He always used to say we would probably find life in Alpha Centauri so I star gazed a lot this weekend and thought about his predictions. I returned up 137 again at sundown, for a lark. Spring is dangerous...

"Toss The Feathers" was accepted into the Florida Folk Festival this year so we will be playing it the last weekend in May. It will be hotter than a three dollar pistol , no doubt. But so will we! Yea!

I sent many of my photos out to the folks who graced them. One has already made a blog. Look here:

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  1. Let me know when you are ready to go out! Yesterday was an ideal day on the Wacissa!