Thursday, March 09, 2006

My brother, Bob

This is my brother Bob. He worked fifteen years in high construction in South Florida, walking along those skinny beams many floors up. In 1993, he fell from a third story when a safety rail gave way. He was very beat up from this accident and has a bionic right arm. He also lost a finger in the Navy on the USS Forrestal in a boiler room accident.
He's tough though. He just kept getting back on the horse! I have a great deal of respect for my little brother. He fell again a few years later from a ladder at Blair's school. More broke stuff! He's worked the trades all his life and he drives trucks now for a restaurant supply house. He is a working man. He is a family man, married twenty seven years to Julie. He is a survivor. He's my brother. I'll always stand by him, even though we have often been at odds throughout our lives. I hope he'll stand by me. Every girl needs a tough brother. He's mine!

The black and white photo is the two of us ( we called him Skipper then) in the foc'sle of our Hinckley. It was a staged picture for a Detroit magazine. But we did bunk together in the foc'sle of every boat we lived aboard until I left home at eighteen. Dr. Bob Head, one of my favorite psychiatric colleagues, used to say that was what was wrong with me!


  1. Deb, that's great! Should I send your URL to Blair?
    Lov Dad