Saturday, March 18, 2006

Late Saturday afternoon on The Wakulla River

I awoke early this morning after a late night of playing music and after doing a few chores I took a Saturday afternoon nap. I didn't get the email from Peggy at so I went on down in the late afternoon to try out the Wakulla in my Kayak. I have not paddled this river. It is a Manatee hangout and there were signs everywhere beseeching boaters to use an Idle Wake which is even slower than Slow Wake. I didn't see any Manatees although I looked diligently. I did see some wildlife and took these pictures.

It must have been high tide as I had no trouble launching. I went all the way up just past the power lines and did cardio-kayaking on the way downriver to get to the lower bridge before it got too dark to find my way home! I made it back to the bridge at sundown. I like this river but MY favorite is still the Wacissa. I think I will like the Aucilla as well. I have not kayaked the Aucilla yet and intend to do so soon. The Wakulla is only twenty six miles from my door. But the Wacissa is twenty-two with very little traffic...and those damn airboats!

This turtle was rather large and quite unafraid. I saw cormorants and jumping mullets and the river smelled like alligators. But I didn't see hoo ...The river was brightened up and down by these pretty yellow wildflowers. I'm not sure yet what they are.

I spent the remainder of the evening hanging out with my retired psychologist friend, Jack Bowland. We had a good long talk about our usual subjects: his long and illustrious life and my many reasons for not spending my money!

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  1. Seems you did a lot while we were only gone a week! I'll have a few pictures on my blog pretty soon, but nowhere as good as yours.
    Love Dad