Sunday, February 12, 2006

Camping at Blackwater River State Park

Last night I camped at Blackwater River State Park. It was very cold but I had a portable heater in my truck and I was very toasty. I spent the evening in Pensacola helping my son recover his computer, load Windows updates, antivirus protection, and the Windows Service pak which was 90 megs. Now he is hooked up in his dorm room dad, so you can send email.
I got to the park about 11pm and threw my truck tent over the back, fired up the heater and fell asleep after playing a few tunes. The moon was full.
In the morning I made coffee and went for a walk on the nature trail by the river. I took a few pictures.
The bridge you see is the one that Nathan got trapped against when the kayak overturned last year and pinned him against the pilings. Lucky for us we got him out! He was very cool headed. He wanted to save the kayak which of course was not important, but he finally freed it and grabbed onto it and floated downstream where I picked him up. It was very scary for me but he thought it was a grand adventure!

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  1. Sounds fine, send me his E-Mail address.
    Love, Grampa