Sunday, January 01, 2006

The Lafayette Heritage Kayak Trail

Happy New Year to all my friends! I have fallen into limerance with this new park and I went back again yesterday afternoon. The kayak trail crosses Piney Z Lake and loops around the lambent cypress swamp that is Lake Lafayette.

It was damp in the piney woods. Then the sun burned the dampness off. The wind blew through the cypress trees; the woodstorks wooshed and swooped; the sun warmed your shoulders; the portages were low; the watery path was free of roots...the swamp was mostly gray and brown. The freight train was on time. You could smell alligators.

1 comment:

  1. PFWG,
    It's nice to see someone trying. Sounds like you had your dictionary open to "L." I've never heard of "limerance," and a "lambent" cypress swamp? Doesn't sound like flatwoods language to me. Speaking of which, I think Piney Flatwoods Girl is maybe too long a handle--and redundant, since flatwoods are pine woods. How about Pineywoods Girl? Well, it's your choice.
    I'm not sure what part of Lake Lafayette you are talking about. Must not be the upper part, cuz it is definitely not a cypress swamp. Glad to hear there is a part like that, however. Anyway, you helped persuade me to go over there today. Nice walk on the Lake L. Heritage Trail, pretty day. Looks like it would be nice to canoe/kayak around in.