Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Choctawhatchee Robin

Monday, I journeyed to Pensacola to help Nathan pack up his apartment ( and to clean it to mom standards, of course) before his last final. He is going to be attending Flagler College to finish up his business administration degree. I expect he will live at home for a while then fledge again....They got their four hundred dollar deposit back so it was worth the trip! My side trip did add some time and I ended up getting home with a full van at 11pm. After a weekend with Rick and Tina, I am still a bit tired!

I stopped at the Choctawhatchee to see if the ivory bills would reveal themselves to me. I saw lots of robins wintering over and a gopher tortoise hole which I photographed. I won't say exactly where I was, but I know it's the right area.... I had my camera on and ready, carrying it up by my head. It's a bit challenging to look both up and down at the same time. The trail I was on is a bit rough and one must watch one's footing. But you have to look up to see the birds flush as you walk. I saw but did not photograph, on pileated woodpecker. I heard LOTS of woodpeckers and I expect full winter will be good viewing in a few weeks! Maybe I'll even stop at the Bruce Cafe...

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