Tuesday, December 05, 2006

First Fire

I'm usually late getting ready for Christmas but this year I am excited because my best friend from high school who lived next door to me, and his wife are coming in to town in their new motor home to stay around to visit for a few days. I wanted to have the decorations up and it makes me feel good instead of worrying about mom, to have this cheery scene and old friends to share my hearth.

I can't wait for Rick(y) and Tina to come Thursday but I do have lots of cleaning to do still! So I thought I'd put this up for you to enjoy! Wish you were here, too.

Nathan comes home next week after finals and I have to haul a few things home for him next week. The painting is of The San Pedro River. The moon is still at 99% and I may get a kayaking trip or two in in the next couple of weeks. The wood storks are back on the local lakes and I am happy! Life is good. I may even get in a trip to hunt for ivory bills if I get all my chores done.

1 comment:

  1. You sound wonderfully upbeat!
    I'm glad. Looking forward to your next visit south> Xmas !!
    Love Dad