Saturday, December 09, 2006

Pals from Wyoming

Rick and Tina took Buddy and I out speed walking on Lafayette Heritage Trail this afternoon. I had to take pictures of them to get them to stop so I could rest my knees! Buddy was very happy to be exploring the park but we kept him on the leash near the water so an alligator wouldn't snatch him up for a mid-afternoon snack. We have been to the Capitol, The Gray Museum, the downtown market, and various other spots for shopping a dining. I am getting reacquainted with my city!

Tina and Rick live in Wyoming and do lots of outdoor camping and such so they are at home outdoors and fine afternoon companions. Tonight is the blues club and Thai food.


  1. What? No paddling????



  2. Hi, Rick and Tina. Looking forward to your visit to South Florida!