Saturday, January 06, 2007

Both Sides Now

Around noon....I saw a red kayak and yellow paddles. At first I didn't even consider it might be Peggy because from a distance the color combination looked like a rental...Peggy is a gear-head and her stuff is all very cool, but red boat and yellow paddles???? I got out the binocs and the hat looked familiar....we both started towards each other and sure enough! I was happy to meet up with my paddling buddy even though she is a ten o'clock scholar, so to we went down river for another four hours!

She helped me spot my first, close enough to photograph, pileated woodpecker. We saw this

lovely egret framed by the reeds. Then we found Bob! Our trip was complete! We kicked up our heels on the Wacissa! I passed "King of The Faeries" on to Peggy and we also discovered my big-headed- child widened hips will only fit certain of the demos she suggested I try tomorrow at Lake Hall! I can already feel my pockets hemorrhaging Christmas money...


  1. Beautiful, professional grade pictures. Wish I could do the same!
    Love Dad

  2. That's Jackson county, ma'am. We're MUCH more sophisticated than those folks over in Holmes! ;) Thanks for dropping by and commenting at the much-neglected blog.