Saturday, January 06, 2007

Starboard Songlines on The Wacissa

This weekend has been capitol, thus far! Friday night the Morbid Tablenapkin choir got together to sing and when I arrived home around midnight I then began to practice a fiddle tune on autoharp called "King of The Faeries." It is a modernized derivation of "Bonny Charley" and is called a summoning song. If it is played three times, the king must come! I awoke early Saturday morning with the tune in my head and it stayed there off and on between songlines. I went starboard on the river and saw an owl asleep with his back to me, first thing. Then lots of loquat trees...snoozing owl, loquat trees, red berries, big cypress, little spring....

This was my first limpkin...not Bob...he was further downriver after I met up with Peggy.
The birds were plentiful in the early morning with many feasting on berries when they could get past the hungry squirrels. I looked all morning for pileated (ivory-billed)woodpeckers but didn't photograph any until Peggy and I joined up and she pointed them out. I know where to look though and I watched them on the starboard side of the river all morning just where I expected. They were just jumping all around and my reflexes weren't too sharp this morning...I did get a good picture of this red-bellied woodpecker in Blue Spring....


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