Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Feting The Yard Birds and Sky Sights

I took these photos early Saturday morning before I went off to kayak the Sopchoppy. One only has to look up into the sky to see many wondrous sights. Remember to look up into the sky often! I am feeding the finches, providing food for the other yard birds and generally trying to live in harmony with my fellow travelers!

I may be off to hunt at Fakahatchee Strand, and Oklacoahatchee Slough State Forest this weekend so stay tuned! It has been so rainy and cold that I have been trying to work to make some cash so I can afford to tramp around in the forest as much as possible!

I see that Cornell has a mobile search unit in the Apalachicola River Basin. I think looking around Wright Lake at Hickory Landing is in order, this year, as well! (for IBWO, of course)

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