Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th, at Last!

We made a new friend on the Wacissa today...She has lived all her life in the Waukeenah area and knows the river well. What a joy to have a local gal with us! Because hitchhiker is so familiar with the river, we went much farther than we have in the past. This was a record breaking paddle on the Wacissa! We spent more than eight hours floating way down past Cedar Island, past Burn-Out and almost to the dam. I worked on my flying pictures with Peggy's help.

This is Rock-Pile. It is a lovely place to get out and swim. Janice suggested it and it was delightful! She was in a sit-upon Pelican which I really liked. Peggy's Mystic is in the background. I brought up the rear all day since I had the Mainstream, which I can slide all the way into the van with little trouble. But it is not the boat for a long float since it is slow and steady going upriver. A little more anticipation would have had us with enough lunch and more water, but impulsivity got the better of us when we got the chance to see more of this beautiful river.

I was also stopped by the cops! A nice wildlife officer named Stefanie did a safety check which we both passed, of course. You can see that picture on Paddletales.
The tricolored herons have been more numerous lately. Tricolored herons don't seem very skittish to me and the photos seem easier to get.

This nimble purple gallinule was high stepping about as we made our way south.

The baby gators are out and about now and this juvenile got a coloring from my Zoom Browser to make his sunbath more dramatic! We saw a lot of small and medium gators today, especially downriver. Janice also showed us the biggest turtle I have seen in the river; almost like a sea turtle, it was so big!

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  1. And hear I thought Fri. was a work day!!!
    Great pictures, as usual,
    Love Dad