Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Piney Z Lake Colony

This has been a very long week thus far and it's only Wednesday! I couldn't wait until my next scheduled paddle with Peggy on Friday morning. I had to go out. Piney Z Lake is only 6.8 miles from my home and I like to paddle it in the winter, for the most part. It is mainly a runoff lake and is silty and not for swimming. So , even though it is filling with North Americal Lotus blooms which should be out in a few weeks, it is hot and just for paddling, fishing, and shooting bird photos.

But I knew there was a colony on the dredge thicket in the middle of the lake and I had to get out on the water today. It was 7:15pm before I returned home from OPP's. I checked the figs and only found one ripe one, which I popped into my mouth!
The Ford has a dead battery and I haven't had time to jump it so I loaded the yellow boat into the van and set out for an hour long paddle on Piney Z. I finished up just as the 8:45pm CSX freight train blew its whistle as it crossed the Weems Road trestle!
Maybe this spectacular colony will finally persuade Peggy to paddle this lake with me! The photos aren't that sharp. It was dusk and I was excited with all the birds flying around me while I cut through a sea of feathers on the water.

The bird noise was magnificent. I even ignored the many little green herons along the thicket as I zeroed in on the colony. This lake really is a birder's paradise in all weather.... A fine ending to a long day....This may not be the best photo shoot, but its sure the most!


  1. Well, yeah, I can see that they are birds. But what kind? I haven't seen any of those before, I don't think, not even at Paddle Tales.

  2. They are cattle egrets, old snake! According to Peggy. Sort of the low rent members of the egret family!