Saturday, July 14, 2007

My Stella Guitars

Saturdays are precious. Today I am messing with the Ipod my dad gave me. I have been burned out on playing music for the past few months, but thankfully I feel the need coming back. I'm also checking the fig trees impatiently, and thinking about cutting the backyard and digging some more on the pond.
I also took a photo of the Stella guitars I have been collecting lately. Here are four of them. Aren't they pretty? Stella was the guitar of choice for blues musicians at the turn of the century when they were sold by Sears for a small price. They are still very inexpensive if you know where to find them and I do. I love playing them.
I may have another one somewhere but I haven't located it yet! I have to have a musical garage sale soon because the house is filling up with instruments. Nathan says, "No more guitars!" I'll take a photo of my autoharp collection soon!


  1. So where are the ukuleles? They are making a real comeback. According to me.

  2. try looking in the garage for the missing guitar, it just might be under something else.
    Love Dad

  3. Hi. You have a nice blog, and the guitar collection is pretty cool, too.