Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Klondike and I have begun to enjoy each other. His excited tour of the new home on his first day, in which he marked several spots in the house with what I decided was excited joy to be with a new pack, and two more days of marking gave way to excellent manners and the unfolding of his personality. He likes his kibble with a spoonful of gravy, he doesn't do toys, he stays in the yard with no leashing, he walks gingerly on the grass and easily on the sidewalk, he gets that car rides go to his home or mine now and he isn't scared, he dislikes being in the laundry room and will bark when he must go in there. He is now given free rein of the house since he is so well mannered and he is proud of this. He barks once at the maintenance men and then greets them amiably, he likes to have his fluffy fur ruffled and petted a lot and he is content at about 6and a half years old to hang around the house. No he is not the dog for me really, since he is a big homebody but I like him and he likes me. He doesn't beg at the table and he sits stays and comes well. he is perfect for mom and dad and I guess his light was shining around us before he came because we knew exactly what he would be like and he appeared like a prayer.
He walks slowly and carefully with dad and he loves moms attention, as well. He is perfect for them and I will take care of him too but I guess its time to find another companion. Nathan may be moving out soon and I could use a hiker, boater, floater, and fireplace guy for myself. No biters need apply! (See my previous post entitled dogmatch.com). I'm ready, pal.

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