Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Move In

Gawd am I sore....I spent the entire day opening boxes, moving furniture, setting up beds, the bano, the living room, the kitchen and we are about 2/3rds done! Now my dear parental units can get easier meals, visit with us more easily, and have help when they need it. I packed them Saturday, Sunday and Monday, the movers packed Monday and traveled up to Tallahassee Tuesday. They moved in the furniture and boxes today and I went into frenzy mode so they could have a reasonably livable home tonight. They had two easy meals today at the Westminster dining room and I got my dad a frying pan for his two egg, ham, potatoes, coffee, and bagel daily breakfast. I loaned him my coffee maker since we couldn't find his.

Nathan has another job selling and managed a 3.09 in business school at Flagler this semester. He graduates in May. How could life be better?

Now I really am going to go kayaking this weekend. With no worries......YES!


  1. You certainly deserve both congratulations and sympathy. I moved my mother four times, the last into Westminister Oaks (she's gone now); all of those moves involved either stairs, elevator, or grassy incline. Each time I swore never again, but ....

    Anyhow, I left a copy of this year's "Living Here" at your office for your father.

    Now, go find that IBW.