Saturday, October 11, 2008

Channelling the Ivory Bill Woodpecker: Mark's joke!

Those of you who know me know I am looking for the ivory bill woodpecker. I do expect to see one in my yard since I AM known as "the bird magnet" after all. But I think Mark is playing a joke on me to expose my hubris in believing I will see the first ivory bill woodpecker close up, in my yard! Here's what showed up this afternoon five feet from the front door in my decidedly suburban neighborhood! BTW, you may recognize this friendly visitor as a tail free ring-necked pheasant.


  1. Well, that's better than a plastic pink flamingo. I think....

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  3. Nice photos and totally bizarre!

    My laptop bit the dust and took most of my email addresses with it. I sent you the info we talked about today from the new laptop, but if you don't get it, drop me a line so I can get the proper address for you in my system.

    And THINK PUPPY!!!

    (Sorry--had to delete my previous comment, wrong account!)

  4. If I srill had my shotgun, we'd have a Pheasant dinner!
    Love Dad

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  6. That's incredible Abby. I wish I was there to photograph it. What a beautiful bird.