Saturday, October 25, 2008

Shell Mounds on The Wacissa

White and glossy ibises enjoy the warm sunshine.
I have thought this was a shell mound and so today I got out and walked around. There were tiny black and white clams all around this area and it is easy to walk in the shallows.
I'm told by one of the river rats that this is a mound, just as I thought. Here is a view from the top.

The Wacissa is on the Life Flight helicopter route from the local hospital to Gainesville so I often see this helicopter. This appeared to be the biggest gator I have seen on the river. He jumped in the water when I came near but he didn't go under. Instead he swam parallel to the boat (about thirty feet away) and showed his tail. I felt he was displaying dominance and so I left quickly.

Monarchs can usually be seen migrating at the tops of the trees but this one stopped for a sip of nectar to send him on his way refreshed.

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