Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Louisiana Bound

Here is a song I wrote many years ago when I lived in Arkansas. I was influenced in writing it by Lucinda Williams. Like most personal songs, it is a mixture of influences in my life at the time.

Lucinda was also living in Arkansas at that time. At a Halloween party we attended given by the writer Jim Morris, Lucinda came as "Wonder Woman" and I came as "Artemis". Lucinda's costume was true to WW and I wore a white tunic with buckskin boots, a silver moon over my head and a bow with a quiver of arrows. Lucinda is one of my favorite blues musicians and such an original. Her father, Miller Williams and I used to run into each other at George's Majestic Lounge. We hoisted a few in those days, together. The lounge had a boxwood tree that shaded the entire beer garden. The conversations at George's were fascinating.

Louisiana Bound (1978)

I'm going down south where the Cajuns go
Gonna poll a piroux down the ole' bayou
Gonna find me a handsome delta boy
In old Lake Charles or Atchfalaya Bayou

Gonna find me a handsome delta boy
I hear they like to laugh and dance all day
Dance a two-step or a Cajun stomp
I'm gonna do the Louisiana romp

These hillbilly boys in Arkansas
Can't play the fiddle or the old squeeze box
They work all day and sleep all night
Saturday night they're out lookin for a fight

They don't dance and they don't sing
I'm going to Monroe or maybe Ponchartrain
Dance around that sparklin lake
Eatin creole and dancing with a Cajun rake

Watch out Opalousa boys
This hillbilly mama gonna show you
What I can't teach the Arkansas boys
We'll make sweet music by a moonlit bayou
Laugh and dance and sing the Creole night away

I'll roll on down through Hot Springs town
Tell Billy Clinton I'm Cajun bound
Pack my dancin shoes and my hillbilly tricks
Gonna show them Cajun boys some hillbilly licks

Going down south where the cajuns go
Gonna poll the piroux on the ole' bayou

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