Monday, September 19, 2005

A song for The Suwannee River

Good morning!

This song from the Levy Sheet Music collection always puts me in mind of the Suwannee River. Most folks misquote the chorus by singing "Life is But a dream". I like this way better. It is a beautiful song to sing and can be found on the Sing Out website. The Suwannee River has great complexity and character. I'll post some pictures from my various kayaking trips when I figure this process out. This is my first blogging post. I hope you like the outdoors as much as I do.



"When you wish for something to happen, choose the acts which will lead you there."

Title: Gently Down the Stream

Composer, Lyricist, Arranger: Words & Music by Nelson Kneass.
Publication: New York: Berry & Gordon, 297 Broadway, 1854.
Performer: Songs composed by & for Geo. Christy and Wood's Minstrels & Sung by them at their Hall, 444 Broadway

Down by the river our log hut stands,
Where father and mother once dwelt
And the old door latch that was worn by our hands
And the church where in prayer we knelt

Years, years have passed since that happy time
And the river is rolling along
And the rippling sound on the mossy bank
Is singing the same old song:

Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream
All that's past is gone, you know, the future's but a dream
Row, row, row, gently down the stream
All that's past is gone, you know, the future's but a dream

There stands the tree we used to climb,
And the mill with its rolling din;
And the old wharf boat, there it used to float,
Where the school boys used to swim.

Still the old hut is standing there,
And the river is rolling along;
And the birds and the bees, the blossoms, the trees,
Are singing the same old song.

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