Thursday, September 22, 2005

Stormy Lake Worth

A while back I visited the ancestral condo and I decided to take my kayak into Lake Worth and visit my old homestead from the canals in Singer Island. I found my old homestead and took some photos. The water is choppy but shallow and I had a challenge trying to get a clear picture of The Blue Heron Bridge. I took off from Phil Foster Park on the bridge and kayaked up to my old homestead. As I'd heard, Singer Island is overrun with Iguanas now and sure enough, I saw one. Here is a view of the bridge on my way back to Phil Foster Park. Beyond the bridge is Peanut Island, where John Kennedy had his bunker and the Coast Guard guards the coast from the CG station. I think the Island is being renovated into a park now.


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  5. Thanks for the comment on my blog! BTW, you are braver than I am to paddle in that chop on Lake Worth! I took the new boat to Talquin today and it was just too choppy for me! Let me know if you go to the Wakulla. Last time I was there it was completely muddy, but I understand it is clearing somewhat. I'd love to know, since that's my favorite river but I haven't been since Dennis wrecked it. I will likely hit the Wacissa if the weather clears.