Monday, June 19, 2006

Day's End

Some days don't seem very productive and the end of the day is a relief. Yesterday, even grocery shopping was frustrating. I did make a spinach lasagna to take to the Sunday Land Co-op dinner. But I spent three hours trying to make the old scanners run with the newer operating systems to no avail. And my new, one finger long, hard drive filled up in two minutes. It took three hours to load a new version of AntiVir on the Compaq. I have hardly played a note in several days. Music is the only thing that will save my sorry attitude...

I resent having to upgrade stuff constantly. I feel like a consumer puppet. Plus, my technical skills are very hard won. I even just discovered that all the lawnmowers that stopped running probably just needed spark plugs! But hey, I've still got the one I poured gasoline into the oil compartment of. I can fix it now that I've discovered spark plugs. Where is JonP when you need him?


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  2. Nice sunset picture. Sounds like you could use another peaceful paddle....drop me a line if you want to get together!