Sunday, June 04, 2006

Jekyll Island

I was out wandering again this weekend. I went up to Jekyll Island to meet the parental units at an old hotel reminiscent of The Grand Hotel on Mackinaw Island. We went around the island a few times to see everything and I discovered Clam Creek, which is a tidal creek beloved by painters in the south. The little park surrounding it had resident pileated woodpeckers as well as tame rabbits.

On Sunday, I stopped at White Springs to visit . We took a dip in the Suwannee, made a jambalaya and yacked about music on the Satellite radio. I photographed another pair of pileated woodpeckers but of course the photos are blurry because they always seem to soar off just when I get them in focus.

Now I guess I'll hunker down for hurricane season. Nah, I'll play music, kayak, and spring hop all summer like usual.

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