Saturday, June 10, 2006

Tropical Depression One: Alberto

Tropical depression one the first week of hurricane season has an ominous sound. The freakin' thing is coming this way, too. Maybe it will just be rain.

While dining (not "working" on my dinner, Mr. 20 year old waiter, I'm not a steamshovel) with my oldest friend Dorothy (she's 85 1/2) this evening she informed me that we are due for our first storm of the season. Oh happy day! I can hardly wait!

Hurricane season causes me increasing anxiety every year worrying about my worthless home-owners policy: which doesn't cover any storm related damage if there is a tropical depression or worse anywhere in the state within 72 hours. I just hope I get through every year without another roof repair! I rely on Dorothy to keep me up with the latest news since she is wired for cable TV and I won't spend my hard earned money on such nonsense. I checked her lanterns and need to replace the batteries and finish our storm plan! Here is a look at my favorite hurricane site.

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