Sunday, June 25, 2006

A Two River Sunday

What a nice day to paddle the Wacissa, and I also dropped in on The Aucilla for a short paddle. The seaweed farmer was out again today. He takes his seaweed to be sold in Fort Lauderdale. He puts six strands to a bunch and sells them by the bunch. The airboats were also out in full force. I counted ten different ones. Remind me not to go out there on Sundays! Blue spring was full of Sunday revelers and I joined the throng to cool off. The tattooed people (they will someday be running things, the tattooed people) were hogging the floating raft, however, so I could not tie up and snorkle over the spring.

I put in about ten thirty a.m. and paddled all the way down past what I think Peggy calls the Island. It was a spot in the center of the river with three smallish cypress trees. The river birds were out for mid-day kippers and the river smelled like turtles. I saw one monster turtle whose head was as big as an otter. I thought it was an otter at first. The wind was blowing downstream and the clouds were very puffy all day. I like puffy clouds. It was only two thirty when I finished my jaunt so I went down M59 to 98 and put in at Nuttall Rise on the lower Aucilla. I paddled up stream and then downstream under the bridge but I felt rather vulnerable and so made it a short trip, since I did not have a map and the Aucilla is very twisty and tricky. I'll have to get Irwin to take me sometime. He knows where the slave canal is.

This week is very busy with my new graduate English class beginning tomorrow. If I like it I will be going for the next six weeks. It might be too much work, though, we'll see. My friend Bonnie did a reading of my fairies Friday night while we were at Linda D's birthday party and my fairies want me to treat it like play and have a really fun time. I also have three opinion writing projects in addition to the usual work. Gulp!

The best part about my summer so far is that my son hasn't asked me for any money and I can save for a new roof. Keep up the good work, Nathan.

So tonight I'll have some spaghetti and watch the sun set from the old hammock. Then I'll knit and do some CEU coursework. I have also been playing with the computer and Audacity. I got a converter jack so I can run my good Shur mics into the computer. The recordings sound so much better! Maybe soon I'll have an MP3 site for my three fans. ...


  1. Sorry I missed the paddle trip! But I guess the air boats are indeed still on our river... This is why I avoid this river on weekends.

    Cedar Island is about 3 miles downstream and is pretty good-sized, takes awhile to go around it. There's a little landing where you can get out and there is often evidence of people having camped there--citron candles, etc. (though not so much now, in our buggy season). You probably had to go a little farther to get to it--it's more than a few trees big.

    Wish I could have been there!

  2. Just breezing by from my stop at Kees, and he mentioned your paddling....we do a lot of canoeing up here in Washington state. I found the menagerie of nature enthusiasts there quite interesting. Enjoy....